Why Italiastarbene


Italiastarbene is a project created by our association for the international promotion of Italian health excellences.

The project is operated by iCom Med in Europe & Middle East and by Italian Elite Hospitals Management Beijing Co. Ltd in China, in collaboration with the leading Italian hospitals and with the endorsement of the Italian Ministry of Health.

We have selected the best Italian hospital providers using rigorous qualitative and quantitative official criteria, offering to foreign patients medical and surgical solutions of high specialisation and innovation.

Italiastarbene.com is an innovative, dynamic, multi-lingual healthcare platform offering services, information and tips to combine the best healthcare to an ideal stay:

  • provide an effective, simple and fast tool for researching the best Italian healthcare facilities;
  • constantly update patients on healthcare proposals, treatments and technologies adopted;
  • help the patient to find the right care and the facilities that best meet the specific needs;
  • perform estimates and bookings in real time;
  • organise the medical stay;
  • present Italy, highlighting its main features and deep values.


  • Our doctors can meet you in our centres Italiastarbene in your country
  • We can organize your trip (medical and non medical)
  • We can help you to choose the right hospital and the right doctor
  • We negotiate your best quotation
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