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The Association Italiastarbene is an organisation No Profit born in 2013 under de guidance of hospital managers, doctors in medicine and medical institutions, with the clear mission to promote in an international context the enhancement of public and private health organisations belonging to the Italian National Health Service in order to facilitate the mobility of patients coming from abroad as well as any other promotion and international cooperation activities related to the technology transfer and transfer of knowledge in health, socio-health, biomedical, pharmaceutical, information and communication technology, scientific research, logistics and health engineering.

The goals and activities are:

  • the definition of cooperation agreements of the national health system with foreign health systems, in order to favour, at different levels of interest, the creation of opportunities for investment, training, seminars and professional and technological interchange;
  • the development of actions aimed at proposing to foreign countries and in particular in the non-European area, the excellence of hospitals and professionals for the provision of health services;
  • the coordination of activities on the national territory dedicated to the assistance and management of foreign patients and their relatives and carers;
  • the organisation of training events;
  • the organisation of seminar events;
  • technical-scientific professional exchanges at hospital and academic level;
  • studies and research.

To achieve its goals, the Association has undertaken an initiative called the Italiastarbene project with which it intends to promote in the EU and non-EU countries the Italian health sector, the cultural, economic, food and wine heritage.

Prof. Angelo Lino Del Favero
Honorary Chairman

General Director of the Superior Institute of Health (Italian Ministry of Health) Honorary Chairman of Federsanita ANCI Past General Director of the City of Sciences of Turin

Dr Paolo Stocco
Chairman of the Association Italiastarbene

Director of the International relations for Federsanita ANCI General Director of Geriatric clinics in Cortina d' Ampezzo Past General Director of the Health Authority of USSL Veneto 10

Dr Amedeo Mangili
Vice-president, head of the strategy

Mrs Caterina Feng
Vice-president, institutional relations in China

Mrs Renata Galli
Vice-president, treasurer

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